The Forum partner can be a Russian and international professional or state community or organization that agrees with the concept of the Forum.

The Partner:
- organizes an event on intellectual property within the Forum, according to the thematic days with the support of the Organizing Committee and the Forum partners;
- takes the event of the Forum on its site;
- delegates experts / representatives with speeches to participate in the business program of the Forum;
- provides information and organizational support for the Forum;
- holds joint events on intellectual property under the auspices of the Forum.

To organize an event in the context of the Forum please apply to:
The decision to include the event in the Business Programme is made by the Organizing Committee of the Forum.
We invite participants and guests of the Forum, including those who came from other regions and countries of the world, to give a separate event (lecture, workshop, seminar) at the sites of the Forum partners in St. Petersburg to demonstrate the best practices according to the topics of the Forum.

You can apply to give a speech at:
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