About the Forum Fest
The Forum Fest is an event arranged to coincide with the celebration of World Intellectual Property Day, focused on the following:
developing international and interregional cooperation in the field of intellectual property
developing national and regional intellectual property markets
increasing the innovative and inventive activity
commercialisation of technologies
forming a positive attitude towards intellectual property in the innovation environment of Russia
increasing the level of legal culture and literacy in intellectual property issues
developing a respectful attitude by society to intellectual property rights
promoting the products by Russian manufacturers in foreign countries by means of intellectual property tools and mechanisms
The Forum's mission
  • Promoting the development of intellectual property in the Northwestern region and in the Russian Federation through the exchange of knowledge and experience between Russian and foreign experts, providing the opportunity for direct familiarization of government officials as well as representatives of the professional community, innovation infrastructure, industry, science, education and business with advanced achievements, best native and foreign practices in the field of creation, legal protection, commercialization and intellectual property protection;
  • Disclosing the role of intellectual property in expanding industrial, scientific, technological, innovative and cultural potential of the country.
The Forum's objectives
  • Forming, on the basis of St. Petersburg, an active permanently operating multitasking community of authors, right holders, experts in the field of intellectual property, lawyers, designers, managers, accountants, appraisers, translators/interpreters, technical advisers, customers and consumers of services in the field of intellectual property of the Northwestern Federal District, other regions of the Russian Federation, as well as near and far abroad;
  • Creating a research and academic, educational, technological and cultural center in the field of intellectual property on the basis of St. Petersburg to increase the level of innovation and inventive activity in the regions of Russia, as well as their integration into the economies of other countries;
  • Generating new Russian and international projects in the field of intellectual property;
  • Forming a picture of the future of intellectual property in the Russian Federation and worldwide based on the best practices.
The events within the Forum
The Forum is an open event, holding the following within its framework:
  • conferences;
  • business meetings, round tables;
  • lectures, seminars, simulation exercises, workshops and practical training;
  • contests and competitions;
  • discussion and foresight sessions;
  • breakfast meetings;
  • presentations;
  • signing cooperation agreements;
  • offsite events to get acquainted with the best practices in creation, legal protection and commercialization of intellectual property, etc.
The Forum's concept implies running events on various aspects of intellectual property depending on the topic of the day.

The events are held by Russian and international state and professional organizations and communities with the assistance of the Organizing Committee, Organizers, Operator and Sponsors of the Forum.

The daily topic division is arranged consistently in accordance with the steps of an intellectual property object life cycle, namely: creation and identification of protectable results of intellectual activity, securing rights/legal protection, rights management/commercialization and protection.

The festival program of the Forum involves the demonstration of the best achievements in various fields of intellectual property, as well as festive events both at the Forum site and at the sites of its Partners.

With proposals for cooperation in the framework of the festival program, please contact: forum@ipforfuture.com
Image of the future and projects in the field of intellectual property
One of the objectives of the Forum is to create an image of the future of intellectual property.

For this purpose, the Forum will bring together professionals, experts in the field of intellectual property, public officials, specialists of various professions representing education, science, industry, business and innovation infrastructure.

The format of the Forum also implies the generation of new innovative, academic, educational and social projects in the field of intellectual property, as well as the presentation, expertise and support (organizational and informational) of existing ones.

We invite to the Forum with new solutions for the development of the intellectual property market.

Correspondence participation is possible.

To find out the terms please contact: petrova@ipforfuture.com
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