5th day (April 26, 2019, Friday)
Day of international and interregional cooperation in the field of intellectual property.
World Intellectual Property Day.

The events' topics:
  • On the celebration of World Intellectual Property Day in Russia and worldwide;
  • Agreement on the intellectual property market formation of the CIS countries;
  • National program for the development of intellectual property of the Russian Federation;
  • Regional intellectual property development strategies - best practices;
  • Actual aspects of foreign patenting (PCT procedure, Hague Agreement, Madrid Agreement);
  • International professional cooperation – a picture of the future;
  • National specific features of legal protection and intellectual property protection abroad;
  • Legal protection and intellectual property protection in the Russian Federation - in view of foreign experts, etc.

Target audience: specialists of state government bodies responsible for intellectual property issues, professionals in the field of intellectual property, business and industry representatives.

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